The texture and pattern in landscapes are my source of inspiration. I love seeing them in different lights, seasons and weather, and I’m interested in what goes into making the character of a place: the subtle mix of natural characteristics, history and topography that defines its relationship with its surroundings.

I like to create gardens that respond to the lie of the land, enhance their environments and offer inspiration throughout the year, using local materials where possible and planting schemes that are appropriate to local conditions.

After working as a journalist and writer, I studied at the Garden Design School with British garden designers Moira Farnham and Robin Templar Williams. I have worked on a variety of sites, from a small urban yard to a Dartmoor hillside, and from single borders to the remodelling of large areas.

Getting to know a property and what its occupants want from it creates the basis of any project, large or small. There is no ‘standard’ treatment because each one is unique: complete overhauls are exciting but sometimes small interventions can also make a surprising difference, allowing the latent character of a place its full expression.