Garden design services can range from a planting scheme for a single border to the remodelling of large areas.  Typically, a garden design project consists of:

Stage A:  The initial consultation – a visit to the property to inspect the garden and discuss the owner’s requirements and budget.

Stage B:  An outline proposal letter, based on our discussions and describing my ideas for the garden, together with a clear explanation of fees.

Stage C:  A site survey to produce an accurate, scaled map of the garden; a surveyor may be needed for large and/or complex sites. An optional concept drawing can be produced at this stage to help visualise the project.

Stage D:  Preparation of the outline plan, hand-coloured and detailed to give a clear idea of how the garden will look.

Stage E:  The planting design showing the layout of all plants, for use by the contractor, together with a plant schedule for the nursery providing the plants.

Stage F:  Provision of all the necessary detailed technical drawings for use by the landscape contractor.

Stage G:  The scope of works and specification, which enable the contractor to build the garden.

In addition, I can undertake the management of the tendering process and monitoring of the project, as well as provide a long-term maintenance schedule if required.