Occupying a gentle, east-facing slope, this site gets plenty of sun all day. It has rocks, ferns and water in abundance, some mature trees, areas of informal lawn and a copse. In order to reveal and preserve the moorland character of the place, much of the work here has involved clearing away dense old shrubberies, building traditional stone-faced banks and laying granite paving.

To replace the shelter that those shrubberies provided, a mix of trees and shrubs has been established a little farther away, in a field to the west. Close to the house, in an area enclosed by an old wall, an outbuilding and a yew hedge, I have designed a small garden with a formal layout but a relaxed planting scheme, mixing flowers and grasses with year-round structure.

In a moorland climate, in particular, it’s important that a garden provides interesting views from within the house wherever possible. Here, the house looks south onto a terrace and a stream garden where I have supplemented, rather than supplanted, the exuberance of native plants. By gently enhancing the natural beauty of the place, I’ve aimed to create a richly textured scene that is hospitable for wildlife and a source of pleasure for the occupants of the house, even on the wettest of days.